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Brand New:

Issue SEVEN of The Paperbook Collective! 


The February Issue for 2014.




The Paperbook Collective Issue Seven 2014


The Paperbook Collective Issue Seven 2014



The Paperbook Collective is a free online magazine that I publish, featuring creative works from around the world.

The content is contributed by creative bloggers just like you.

Submissions are now open for Issue Seven. Submit YOUR work now.

Submission Form_The Paperbook Collective

Please note:

If you do not want your work to be published in the zine version of The Paperbook Collective, make a note on your submission form.
Contributors retain the rights to their own work.

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The Paperbook Collective has recently become a zine!

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55 thoughts on “

  1. Impressive list and I’m looking forward to taking some time to read through it. Thank you for following my blog – yours is a pleasant surprise! You feel about reading as I do about painting – both evokes passion for creativity whether in words or paintings.

    • Hi Mary,
      Thanks for stopping by my blog in return! I agree, always nice to have fellow creative’s on board! I hope you will submit some art work to issue two of The Paperbook Collective :)

  2. Just pop over to the page ‘The Paperbook Collective’ for a complete run-down, it’s at the top right hand side of the blog, or it is highlighted in the welcome post above.
    If you had some artwork that you haven’t yet published on your blog you could take some photos of it and send them in!
    Email them to
    Anyway, see what you think Mary, let me know if you have any questions :)

  3. Jayde….loving the second issue even more than the first!! I have only managed to get access to it as my laptop was under repairs.

    I downloaded it in PDF this time and found it works better for me. Really wonderful contributions.( Will mention my favourites ones when I am done reading). And thank you so much for the wonderful review. I am glad you enjoyed New Moon Rising.


    • Thanks so so much for the positive feedback Anuradha!! A few people have said they liked the second one even better, that makes me so happy!

      I loved New Moon Rising, when I move in to my new place I plan on having it on my coffee table so other people can enjoy it :)



  4. Just rambling around in your second issue. Enjoyed my time there. Hunter Thompson’s name caught my eye on the side of the page–on my list of authors to try. Your work is insightful–love your dog-eared book.

  5. Kudos on your October issue! I think we can all agree that momentum is key for success. That being said, I’ve always had an interest in different cutlures, different ideologies and lifestyles. With the number of followers and supporters you have you should be able to collect enough entries about the diverse cultures around us. Make it a culture issue and represent as many as you can. Readers can reasonate and be exposed to the diffrences that make us unique and you’ll have your next issue! :) Either way, I’m sure it’ll be a good issue!

  6. Hi. I’m mortified to admit that when I didn’t hear from you about accepting ‘Knock and Seek’ for the previous issue I presumed it would not be included and posted it on my blog! As I had submitted three previously and two were selected I just thought that this one was not going to be.
    My apologies for jumping the gun.x

    • Hi scottishmomous,
      I thought I might have sent you an email during the planning for issue two, but perhaps it wasn’t sent in the kerfuffle of moving house!
      Please don’t feel mortified, it’s no big deal really!! I generally spread multiple submissions over a few issues, so I hope you were glad to see your poem in issue three anyway :) Again, please don’t fret, as they say ‘it’s all good!’
      Looking forward to your future submissions :)

  7. I’m new to this and I’m excited to delve into it ASAP. My writing group, SnoValley Writes shared this site in an email as we are participating in NaNoRiMo. Thank you!

  8. Wonderful blog! Thanks for liking my onion soup and helping me to find you. Just finished The Light Between Oceans (wonderful!) so I’m glad to see what you’re reading to get some good suggestions for what’s next. Bill Bryson caught my eye. My step daughter is about to produce A Walk in the Woods with Robert Redford. Her maiden voyage as a producer. How exciting is that????

    • Hi Jittery Cook, sorry I just found your comment! Apologies for the late reply :)
      Wow, that is insanely exciting about your step-daughter’s new project as a producer! How’s it all going?
      Welcome to The Paperbook Blog, and thanks for finding me!

  9. It was only by chance that I discovered this blog while reading another blog that I follow. I think it was the name, “The Paperbook Blog,” that caught my attention. I enjoyed the culture issue, and I am looking forward to future postings. Thanks.

    • Thanks so much for stopping by! Glad to know the name caught your eye :) Feel free to submit something for the February issue, I am always excited to have new contributors on board! Happy New Year :)

  10. Jayde–Can’t BELIEVE it has taken me this long to check out Issue Six! It’s as fascinating as it is GORGEOUS! LOVE your printing-press cover drawing! The P.C. has evolved into a real class act. I can actually see it moving from the original table-top production to a mainstream “zine.” I was expecting that you would give my submission about a quarter page at most (which would have been fine), so I was BLOWN AWAY that you gave it a whole page! Congratulations on a first-rate first issue for 2014! –John

    • Thank you so much John! I am thrilled that you liked the issue. The printing press is one of my favourite drawings so far :)

      Thanks once again for submitting, Art From Recyclables was a fantastic addition to the issue!

  11. Jayde,
    I’ve just found your blog and read all about The Paperbook Collective. It must be thrilling to see your dream coming true and a fantastic way of encouraging writers who doubt their work will ever be published, to take the plunge and submit their work.

    i love the mix of fiction, poetry and photographs, what an excellent idea. Looking forward to reading future issues. Well done.


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